Adolescentes não gostam de ler e outras cascatas


O Mr. Magazine entrevistou Jayne Jamison, editora da Seventeen. A entrevista completa está aqui. Abaixo, algumas partes interessantes (que eu não vou traduzir pq é graaaande demais.)

Sobre adolescentes não lerem:

Clearly, teenagers multi-task and they are veracious with their media usage. But magazines have always been and continue to be a really important source for beauty and fashion trend information for young women. What has been so interesting to me is when you see the success of Twilight for example, which sold 16% of all books in the United States in the first quarter of this year (all four books). I don’t think that those are a lot of adult women reading those titles. So, I think that what people need to understand is that teens, especially female teens have always enjoyed magazines. But advertisers have walked away from this market, and it’s not really a readership problem, it’s an advertising problem. And if you look at the magazines in this category that are no longer in business, all of them were delivering very large rate bases. It wasn’t like any of them had lowered their rate base. If you look at Seventeen, we’re going to be 65 years young this year. We sold 350,000 copies on average on the newsstands in the first half of this year, which makes us the 9th largest women’s magazine on the newsstands in America. So, I don’t know how people can say teens don’t read.

Sobre dar brindes e produtos grátis (uma das principais estratégias comerciais da revista):

That’s the utility of the brand, that we give them great information, but they can also get great stuff, which is what every teenager wants. We give them all this great stuff and there is nothing a teenager wants more than to get something in the mail. It’s just so funny because people think that teens are so consumed with being online, but what they don’t realize is that when you’re a teenage girl you’re looking for information. There are certain things you’re just not just going to discuss with friends on Facebook.

Sobre como atrair anunciantes:

I think the model has changed for us in that everything we do, pretty much, is cross-platform and we’ve sold some advertisers some very large schedules that include big web components, mobile components, we’re on “America’s Next Top Model”. The future is complete integration for the advertiser, which is what they want, and again cross-platform is so easy to do. The advertiser has the benefit of reaching girls on the web as well as in the magazine, on their cell phones and I think that’s going to be the future for everybody.


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